Pallet Rack Protectors 1

Pallet Rack Protectors

Protectors for pallet racks with a forklift attached should be used post or frame column protectors. If the base of the column is damaged, the entire structure could be compromised and the forklift, or other powered equipment, could damage the uprights. Damage to these uprights could cause inventory, people, or vehicles to be damaged. This could lead to the collapse of entire rack structures if the column is damaged. When you have any kind of questions concerning where along with the best way to employ pallet rack column protectors, you possibly can e-mail us look at here our web site.

Wire mesh

Wire mesh pallet rack protections can be used to protect many things. They are able to protect uprights as well as corner spaces and end aisles. They protect inventory and reduce spills by creating a secure barrier between product personnel and them. Some wire mesh panel options have mesh sizes ranging from a fine gauge to a heavy-duty one, and they can be flush-mounted or attached with velcro. You should choose the right type of protection to protect your uprights.


Pallet Rack Protectors 2

Steel pallet rack protectors are essential for warehouses that use lift trucks or other powered equipment. They protect the frames from damage. These structures can cause damage to the structure and may lead to it collapsing or deteriorating over time. Also, damaged uprights can be dangerous for both inventory and people. These risks can be minimized and you will avoid replacement costs by protecting your racks.


Rubber pallet rack guards are useful accessories for protecting uprights as well as other parts of your racking system. This protective guard can resist multiple impacts and deflect energy. It prevents the uprights collapsing, which could cause damage to your stock items. It is available in a variety of colors and designs. It snaps onto the upright, providing front, side and angled impact protection. The bullnose provides extra protection against forklift trucks damaging the uprights.

Column guards

The MAX Guard column guard is an excellent example of a quality, customizable column guard. You can customize it to fit different column widths and setbacks. This column guard is made of heavy-duty steel. It can be ordered with a powder coat finish for increased durability. Mac Rak offers lifetime warranties for all of its products, including Elite upright repair kits. These products will protect your pallet racks from damage, and you’ll be pleased that you decided to purchase them.

Steel frame

Protective pads protect uprights in steel-frame pallet racking. These pads balance resilience with efficiency and come in many forms. These pads are usually made of steel but may also include composite, rubber or plastic constructions. The protector should balance both these factors to ensure optimal performance. Steel post protectors, for example, are a simple option that provides the highest level of protection. Steel post protectors are made to protect uprights from impact damage caused by forklifts.


Boltards for pallet rack protection are a good idea as they can keep drivers and employees safe. Pallet racking can be dangerous. A “V”-shaped design on the bollard’s face deflects impact away from the upright. Bollards are typically mounted on a single floor anchor. If there is heavy traffic, it is important that a preventative is installed against the rack.

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