Politically Incorrect Weight Loss Tips By Dr. Jeffrey S. Reynolds 1

Politically Incorrect Weight Loss Tips By Dr. Jeffrey S. Reynolds

Excerpts from tips that San Antonio chiropractor and chiropractor San Marcos acupuncturist Dr. Jeffrey S. Reynolds provides to his patients on slimming down. 1. Cut Out Sodas! Let’s review some of the basic substances of sodas: BONE DEMINERALIZER (carbonated water), SUGAR, SPEED (caffeine). 1 cause of osteoporosis. People do not realize the amount of sugars and calories from fat in sodas.

You may as well eat a piece of cake every time you drink a soda because you’re getting the same amount of unfilled calories. A day It has been shown that if you drink 1 cola, calendar year you will gain 10 POUNDS in one. 2. Reduce Caffeine Intake! The problem with caffeine is that it is an energy alternative.

Instead of your system using its own resources for energy, like extra-fat, your body uses caffeine first. You body is established to make the least amount of effort, why should it get rid of the fat when it is distributed by you free energy in caffeine. 3. Reduce carbohydrate consumption! When you breakdown a carbohydrate it becomes a simple glucose for energy.

If you take in more sugars than the body needs, your body stores it as fat then. The problem with low fat foods is they increase the sugar amount so that it will still taste good. REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF BREAD, TORTILLAS, CHIPS, POTATOES, SPAGHETTI, AND WHITE RICE IN YOUR DIET.

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  • 3 Shakeology shakes per day
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4. Stop LIKELY TO Buffets! Usually your dedication not to overeat is overridden by the desire to really get your money’s worth. Temptation can be very difficult to cope with, therefore the less you have the better. Treat yourself to a better quality food with smaller servings. The next time you are in the buffet just look around and find out who’s eating there. It’s mostly fat people! Among the best ways to exercise is to walk 30 minutes every morning.

If you walk before you have your breakfast, your body shall burn up more fat. Walk a quarter-hour in a single direction from your home and then turn around and walk home. You will find TREMENDOUS advantages to exercise. 6. Stop eating at least 3 Hours PRIOR TO GOING To Bed. That is a major key to the weight-loss products that you drink during the night before you go to sleep. When sleeping, the body wants to rest, and repair, not digest. Plus, you aren’t active, and that means you not burning up many calories from fat. 7. Change YOUR DAILY LIFE! Basically what you are going to have to do is to break old practices and create new ones. Being slim is a way of life!