Marks And Spencer's Autograph Range 1

Marks And Spencer’s Autograph Range

When I think of M&S I don’t generally think of makeup I believe of comfy bras and sensible trousers. They’ve really upped their game and presented a lovely selection of makeup. They have a basic range too which is cheaper, but I’m speaking today about their Autograph range. I emailed them recently to check on if their mascaras were vegan (as the elements list all say ‘may contain Carmine’) plus they confirmed that they all are, as are most of the Autograph makeup products.

They are also BUAV approved, as are their own brand makeup products. Their response is below so you can easily see which products to avoid. So I thought I’d post a little about some of the products I have and what I believe of them. This powder rocks!. It’s very finely milled and silky so that it won’t be taken or make the face look too dry. It’s perfect for placing concealer under the eye, as it’s fine enough never to exacerbate any creasing in that area.

  • Earrings: Prive Earring No.2 (adfly caution)
  • Chlorine (Found in plain tap water, shower water, private pools, household cleaners)
  • Facial Care in Germany (2019) – Market Sizes
  • 1 swatch – its quite sheer
  • Always have a casual outfit
  • What’s the most important thing I can do to slow the consequences of aging on my face

It is very much like MAC’s prep & primary finishing powder, which I still have a whole pot of from the entire days when Macintosh was cruelty free. I used to keep it in my own bridal kit! That is a liquid illumination for mixing with foundation or wearing underneath or above basis.

It has a lovely shimmer but it isn’t glittery. I love this for a delicate sheen on the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nasal area. This foundation gets the most beautiful silky structure and I wish wish it worked well for me personally but I’m just not persuaded it ever will.

This is because my epidermis is dry (at the moment really dried out for some reason) and it most foundations show this up, this one especially. Also, Beige is not the right shade for me, it’s too dark (it’s hard to inform from the in-store testers sometimes), but I believe the lighter one will be light too.

I only have one of these because the others are all very shimmery and I’ve a ton of shimmery tones that are similar. This one is more like a satin to matte finish and it’s a great natural tone. This makes it ideal for a crease color but I really like it for contouring also as some warmer colors can look orange on pale epidermis.

PURE Color blushes are vegan, TRUE color blushes aren’t! Which means this is a Pure Color one in the shade Coral. This blush is lovely and it’s pigmented and that means you don’t need a ton from it. This is actually the only color I’ve and my swatch it sucks a bit but it’s a pleasant peachy flesh, not at all as orange as it looks in the pan.