Growing Your Business Intelligently 1

Growing Your Business Intelligently

For many businesses, employee engagement can be one of our biggest problems. The question we ask is, “How do i improve quality, productivity and employee satisfaction? The emphasis is on the ‘I’. It is to you to create the surroundings up. Interestingly enough the answer is simpler than many of us think. In the book Zapp by William C. Byham he shares some ideas on the answer to this question.

Byham is convinced the answer is empowerment. Most managers are policing for failing, which results in robbing employees’ energy and imagination. Imagine for a moment, you could create a crucial mass of employees that are Zapped! What kind of results do you are thought by you’ll get? Now this is very important. We’re not talking about utilizing a cattle prod to Zapp employees. I’m discussing stimulating responsibility and creating an environment where employees feel they own their jobs. John Miller also had written a fascinating publication called the Question Behind the Question, or QBQ. Mr. Miller asks “Could we discover a way to eliminate blame actually, complaining and procrastination?

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Like the other Short-Haul Business Class trips I’ve had up to now, you check in at another express counter. The baggage limit is also increased – in my case, up to two 25-kg. luggages are allowed because of this SFO flight. I paid the P550 International Terminal Fee at NAIA 2 (Centennial) and experienced the standard immigration and security process. From then on, I saw Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez (♥ hehehe) on my way to the Mabuhay lounge (near Gate N1)! With just the right amount of luck I guess, the Mabuhay Lounge was also recently renovated! You may get in here if you possess a PAL Elite card or if you are on Business Class and First Class.

It’s bigger now and has more comfy chairs available with Mac computer channels and outlets galore. Among the perks of journeying Business Class is the included free buffet looking forward to you at the Lounge. I needed dinner there (always make me want to visit the airport previously too haha).

There’s (always) PAL’s signature Arroz Caldo and unlimited beverages like tomato juice (yum!), apple juice, softdrinks, ale, alcohol, sticktails and so many more. For food today, there’s fried rice, adobo, fish, siomai, siopao, croissants, chocolates and pastries! I read within the current Mabuhay mag that they worked with San Miguel Foods for the selections this time around. There’s WIFI, publications, outlets, TV, restroom, shower and plane tickets that already are boarding are announced. Good job, PAL, because of this very inviting reno finally!

It was most likely not a good notion that I ate too much though prior to the flight.. It might be great if they could reveal upon entering what times the foodstuffs will be offered aboard the flight so we don’t overeat.. There’s an added security scan and passport look for this SanFo air travel and the gate was all the way to the other end from the Mabuhay Lounge. We got there with time going back call (easy to be carried away inside the Lounge) hehehe.