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Investment Advisor Surety Bond

What is Investment Advisor Surety Bonds? Investment Advisor Surety Bonds are required by most claims in order to guarantee that financial and investment advisors adhere to the state’s respective regulations governing this permit. How much does an Investment Advisor Surety Bond cost? How do you get an Investment Advisor Surety Bond? Can I get approved for an Investment Advisor Surety Bond easily have bad credit? Exactly what is a Blue Sky Bond? Will my Investment Advisor Surety Bond work for multiple states?

How much will an Investment Advisor Surety Bond cost? Annual premium is determined based on owner personal credit. Owners with strong credit are typically approved between 1% to 3% of the bond amount. If the owner has bad credit, or significant overdue items on their credit file, annual premium typically varies between 5% to 15% of the connection amount.

For more info on the cost associated with getting bonded, visit our page on Bond Prices. How do I get an Investment Advisor Surety Bond? First, you can apply for one on our website in only minutes. Once you’ve been approved, your agent offers you the bond premium due, along with an agreement with the surety.

Once you’ve covered your bond and provided a signed copy of the indemnity contract, your Collection Agency Bond will be mailed out to you. MAY I get approved for an Investment Advisor Surety Bond if I have bad credit? Yes. Some bond companies only offer quotations to customers with a strong credit history, Lance Surety has a variety of investment advisory connection programs which allows us to approve over 99% of applicants instantly through our online software.

Your annual high quality will depend on your individual credit profile, but we’re able to offer very aggressive rates. What is a Blue Sky Bond? While related to Financial Consultant Bonds carefully, Blue Sky Bonds is requiring more specifically regulate the sale of securities governed by Blue Sky Laws. These bonds ensure that security dealers do not sell fraudulent securities.

Will my Investment Advisor Surety Bond work for multiple state governments? Unfortunately, no. Each connection is filed with a specific state and issued on the specific connection form. To make sure compliance, you will have to check with each state that you plan on conducting business in to find out if they have a connection requirement within the license program.

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