Programming Journey: Step One 1 1

Programming Journey: Step One 1

Ok, so you are determined to dive head first in the journey of your development career. What you need is from where to start your journey Now. Let me focus on the hard way. This is the real way the majority of the Indian students start their first exposure to programming. The programming language in this real way is ‘C’. The C language is a middle-level language which sits between assembly and high level languages. While you learn C, you get to know the majority of the top features of a program writing language.

You get to know the reduced level features such as pointers, manual memory allocation, and such stuff. For the same reason this is trained in Indian colleges first. However I really do not advocate this way. I don’t think you would want yourself in this position, so continue reading. This way is preferred by experts mostly. In this your choice of language is commonly one of the simpler ones such as Python.

If you are one particular who do not understand Python, or you are not that technology savvy, that you can understand the effectiveness of Python in any way, you can pick this real way. In fact, I recommend most of the non-tech guys who aren’t studying engineering or are from commerce or arts background and have not much exposure to the computers except web.

This way requires learning web development first. This way begins with creating static websites using HTML and CSS and then move on to creating dynamic front-side end with JavaScript and jQuery. ASP .net, JavaScript, or Python. You need to keep in mind that HTML and CSS aren’t programming languages, they may be markup dialects and need to be found in conjunction with JavaScript or various other scripting vocabulary to get the development ability.

No, you won’t be eating fine sand. You can choose in any manner that suits your need. I started my exposure with programming with C like the majority of the learning students from Indian Colleges. But I’d not advocate this to everyone. Choose either Web or python monitor. I would be you start with web track in my own next post, mentioning how you could move after your decision further.

Make your choice and read the Wikipedia web page of the selection of language. Go to the website of your decision. If you chose web monitor, go to mozilla developer network or chrome developer or w3school to read more about how to start. Not posting any links since if you are reading this, you’re smart enough to google it. I’ll give you a hand anyways.

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How is 1stfans messaged in accordance with other account types? Is it an add-on? Can I buy a 1stfans membership at the front end desk? Will: 1stfans is its tier of membership and regular users can purchase it as an add-on. Because it is so different from other museum memberships wildly, we feel like we must separate and distinguish it. We don’t want visitors to say, “I’ll just buy the cheapest regular membership” and be 1stfans without realizing what they are getting. 1stfans is not on our printed regular membership brochure because we don’t want to confuse people. Are 1stfans annoyed or baffled that they don’t get free admission to the museum?

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