The Right Way To Make A Domino Pendant 1

The Right Way To Make A Domino Pendant

I had been eager to make some domino pendants for fairly a while. So someday, whereas in Starbucks waiting for my frappacinno, I used to be looking by way of their shelf of clearance gadgets. After digging a bit, I uncovered a neat wooden field of bamboo dominoes. My imagination went to work and I determined they had been the proper for pendants! So seize your dominoes and let’s get started!

Take your domino and sand. Starbucks dominoes are excellent for this! If your dominoes have indentions or are carved, you may have to sand right down to a clean floor. You may spherical the corners if you want. Mine had square corners so I sanded the corners and rounded them a bit. After sanding the domino, paint it the coloration of your choice.

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I used Folk Art acrylics to paint mine. So paint your domino and let dry. While the paint is drying, this is an effective time to cut out your artwork or photograph to your pendant. A good approach to do that is to hint around the domino on prime of whatever art or picture you need after which neatly minimize it out. After getting your art and your painted domino is dry, apply mod podge to the again of the artwork or photo, and apply it to the domino. Be certain that and press out all air bubbles below the image or photo and ensure it is completely adhered to the domino.

In the event you do choose to make use of Resin as a protective finish, a good resin to get is Envirotex Lite. You will get it at craft shops and it could appear excessive for the amount but a bit bit goes a long way. It would not scent bad and it’s extremely straightforward to make use of. Just be sure that and comply with the directions very close and you can’t go improper. The diamond glaze works as properly but it is a bit harder to seek out for me.

You could also be able to find it simpler. It’s what they call a dimensional adhesive and it is Judikins Diamond Glaze and they have even a newer product I have not tried called DG3. It’s thick and dries crystal clear. Still not nearly as good as resin in my view. There are a lot of similar type products just like the diamond glaze that may work wonderful. I believe one is called Triple Thick by Deco Art. It should give a thick crystal coating as properly.

In case you google “thick clear finishes for pendants” or one thing similar that, it ought to convey lots of results. Note: These pendants are water-resistant but NOT waterproof. I assume that about covers it! I hope that you find this tutorial helpful and easy to follow- as well as inspiring. Please, be happy to ask you probably have any questions! Would love to listen to what everybody thinks in regards to the pendants! P.S. Are you interested by studying how you can make a bottle cap pendant? Visit my hub tutorial on Methods to Make a Bottle Cap Pendant!

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