How To Fund Your Business Without QUITTING Equity 1

How To Fund Your Business Without QUITTING Equity

Although there are many methods to finance and capitalize an ongoing company, the financing deal is structured and secured in another of two ways usually. Although there are many methods to finance and capitalize a company, the financing transaction is usually structured and secured in another of two ways. Either your set up collateral as security or you give up some possession of your business (equity). Both methods have their positives and negatives.

One of the major advantages of using collateral instead of giving up collateral is that you maintain possession and control of the business. This is very important for business owners who wish to retain their independence. When you sell the collateral, the buyers become your brand-new partners – for good or for bad.

Most small and medium-sized companies look for funding because they have cash-flow problem. Although you can fix these problems by selling collateral and recapitalizing the business – it’s not always the easiest solution. One business financing choice is to obtain a business loan. Although business loans are a popular tool to finance an organization – they can be hard to get. The current lending environment is very hard and institutions are only extending loans to very low-risk ventures.

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To meet the criteria, most companies have to have strong financial claims, year profits multi, seasoned management, significant security, and good development potential. Few companies meet these requirements, especially small and midsized companies. If the cash-flow problems are caused by slow paying clients – rather than by low sales – invoice financing may be the right solution. Invoice financing is a simple solution that provides a fund’s advance on your sluggish paying invoices. It plugs the money flow distance, providing the money you need to pay suppliers, employees, and other business costs.

More importantly, it smoothes out cashflow, providing predictability and allowing the business owner to focus on other tasks. Most invoice financing transactions are structured as two advances. The first payment is directed at you as you invoice your client soon. It’s usually 80% of the invoice. The next progress, which is 20% less the funding fee, is given once your client will pay the invoice actually. One of the advantages of invoice financing is that is simpler to get than other types of financing. If your business is free of liens and encumbrances so you invoice credit deserving commercial clients, you have a good chance of qualifying.

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