WHILST It Sometimes Is Not 1

WHILST It Sometimes Is Not

I mentioned fluctuations yesterday, however they were nothing at all set alongside the downs and ups of recent times. JP is constantly on the job search. He has resumed out at three-Fort Worth companies (and many out of state companies), each of which he’s had some kind of lead or connection with.

There’s hope, however, not much progress. Sometimes I neglect he’s unemployed- since he’s worked well from home days gone by 7 months, it generally does not appear like much has changed. The kids only need a shorter trip to school (they’ve turned to the part-time program, which is 9-2:30, 5 days weekly) and he will all the pick-ups and drop-offs. Which means you know, besides that, it’s like nothing has transformed.

Our realtor experienced the digital tour done for our house in case we need to list it. We toured a (much) smaller (cheaper) home in a close by neighborhood with a better elementary school. Our future is now filled with contingencies right. Fully researched, considered contingencies carefully. On Thursday night JP switched 31. The small children were overjoyed.

I made up the table before the kids woke up and Landon was so excited he decided to hide to surprise JP when he got home from swimming. Then, down. Friday my grandpa took a razor-sharp switch for the worse in his recovery from spinal surgery On. I hadn’t discussed his troubles yet, mostly because I just kept thinking they’d go away. The persistence of them, and how deeply they’ve started to affect him, finally strike me this week.

He is, was until lately, the most energetic, loud, inquisitive, caring, positive, hard-working, persistent, OPTIMISTIC person I know. He’s been in pain for a few months from long-time problems from ejecting him his shot-down fighter aircraft in Vietnam (a move that earned him a Purple Heart and compressed spinal nerves) and he lately had surgery to enhance the situation.

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And it appeared the problem was improved, but the pain returned, much more severe than before. It had been continuous and it was putting on him in a way I don’t believe we, or certainly not I, fully understood. By Sunday, he couldn’t get out of bed and was moved by ambulance to the hospital. He had surgery again on Wednesday but had not been doing well.

He called me on accident Friday and our 90-second conversation got me crying in my office for a half hour. He wasn’t lucid. He told me 3 or “I’m just not doing well, I’m just not doing well.” I didn’t know who that man was. We drove to Austin Friday evening.

We had an amazing time out with our friends on Friday. Moonshine experienced a 90-minute wait, but some beverages were got by us, tucked ourselves in the part of the patio, and spoke non-stop. On Saturday morning we continued our favorite Austin hike, with J and M’s little girl displaying great prowess as a “hikist” and their 9-month-old slumped in a happy little ball in Claire’s walking backpack. I talked to my mom while jumping on rocks across a small stream. My grandpa better was doing, he is at the surgical ICU, guests were tightly controlled and my uncle was traveling back. These were glad we offered to come but thought we have to wait until Thanksgiving as planned.

Today we found a fresh park and river in Fort Worth to jump around on and explore. A rock and roll were climbed by us hill, scurried up ropes, and flew on top of swings. We grocery shopped. We found acorns in the front yard. I made my mom’s spaghetti sauce. My Grandpa proceeds to improve in lucidity, if not pain management. JP is next to me. Personally I think very peaceful, despite the stress that I know lurks within (and regardless of the hour of zombie fighting Walking Dead gore I just watched). As my grandma always says, life is good. Even while it isn’t sometimes.