How Your Facebook Business Page Can Help Boost Your Business 1

How Your Facebook Business Page Can Help Boost Your Business

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Possessing a Facebook business web page is important, but perhaps you have thought about making an idea and changing your business page to help increase your business? I’m sure it’s not at all something that has straight one thinks of, has it?

But think about it…growing your profile could help increase your business and build engagement. Here are some techniques and engagement techniques we recommend adopting on your Facebook business page so you can build a much better sense of brand and business beliefs. Being personable doesn’t have to only stay static in your meetings and at work. Think about how exactly exhausting it would be to turn the charm on and off all day.

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People are attracted to regularity and personable characteristics in people. If you’re constant in your mannerisms and exactly how you respond with people, you’ll be easy to be friends with and easier to engage with. With this in mind, consider getting together with people on your Facebook business page, the same way you’ll when learning a business lead.

If people can easily see you’re personable and approachable on your web page, this may help them become more comfortable reaching out about the valuation they requested. Ask your followers daily questions: Take a moment to create a question on your status to access know your fans a little better. Remember, this isn’t merely to become familiar with people who follow you on Facebook. This will arrive on multiple peoples webpages whether they’re your immediate friends, or not, meaning this kind of engagement could get to your leads potentially.

Take a look at the image below to see the type of questions you could be asking. More engagement will mean more testimonials. Donna Swanzy and Isaac Verge are two examples of Realtors who’ve extremely healthy Facebook Business pages. These Realtors are so engaging that their clients are posting wonderful reviews of their experience. That is so beneficial for so many reasons but the primary one being they can serve as referrals if a business lead is to view your business web page.

If you increase your review portion of your business page, you’ll be more respected. Isaac even comments on these reviews and interacts with his clients – which shows an aspect of his personality for those who have yet to meet him. Having these kinds of interactions will help with real estate referrals, as more than 60% of online home customers said that if the realtor they’re searching has great reviews they’re more likely to contact the agent.

To have a look at their business pages, go through the links below! Social networking can be a dangerous place. We’ve been told that you should post anything you wouldn’t want in the newspaper – so it’s probably a good idea to adhere to that mantra with your own personal and professional page.

Sure, you can post personal components of your life, as well as comment on things your friend’s post…but maybe consider not publishing that tipsy group picture from your project’s Christmas party last year. Ensure that you’re aware of what you’re publishing, because not only will friends and family see it, but clients, and leads may too.

Again, we’re not saying to remain strictly professional, but it’s important to truly have a good balance between your two. If at any point you question whether to post something or not…a good question to ask yourself is “Would I’d like this in the newspapers?” If the answer is no, then it’s probably not worthy of publishing. We’ve mentioned that video marketing is becoming a lot more popular as time goes on, so we absolutely recommend posting videos on your individual plus your business Facebook page. Video marketing is important for so multiple reasons and it is also a great way for people to advertise their business and who they are as individuals.

I’m sure this isn’t the very first time you’ve heard someone plug video sales marketing for your business – but here are some concrete reasons why you ought to be considering this in your business goals. People react in different ways to sound than they are doing to visual. There’s an enormous difference between phoning someone and presenting yourself over the mobile phone…to a video launch online. The most important part of sending your leads a video of yourself is that you’ll require to be yourself. Give people an instant introduction to who you are, and what you do.