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Fitness For Christians

How do I understand that the Health Matters Fitness Systems For Men & Women Can help you achieve many of these incredible benefits? Yet my very own health suffered for many years, and I battled with my weight. I used to be working with world-class athletes, helping them become superstars, but wasn’t properly applying to my very own situation everything I understood about diet and nourishment. A picture is worth one thousand words.

Yes, this can be an embarrassing photo for me personally to show publicly, but this is exactly what I looked like after decades of neglecting my own body. EASILY proved helpful in an office on some type of computer all day long like many people, there’s a good chance I would have had a massive coronary attack already, possibly even inactive and buried. And as bad as I looked then, I felt worse even.

Even though I had been a professional boxing trainer, my weight got gotten way out of control. The above-mentioned photo was used when former Light Heavyweight contender “Diamond” Jim MacDonald and I were in Atlantic City for his main event fight televised on the B.E.T. That was 1990, five years after MacDonald had fought Spinks for the Light Heavyweight world tournament.

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In the above-mentioned photo I’m 41 years. Notice how fat and unhealthy I used to be then even. It wasn’t until I became very ill that I found the motivation to boost my diet, and my overall health and fitness. That’s because I found inspiration in the Bible and uncovered that the Bible provides excellent advice as it pertains to a healthy diet. Once I noticed that following a bible-based diet would help me lose weight, feel great physically, & most significantly, help me restore my health, I found my motivation. I am hoping you are doing too! This amazing transformation didn’t even take a year.

Within six months I proceeded to go from looking like an over-the-hill man rapidly getting close to his “golden years” with a massive gut and little energy, to thin, cut, muscular, in amazing shape, in a position to run laps around men half my age group. If it Can be done by me, You Can Too! All the health problems that I was suffering from disappeared in just a few weeks after I implemented this exercise and diet principles.

Now, at 60 years of age, in the best form of my life, and I owe it in a huge part to following a Bible-based diet. I can run for a full hour or go 10 rounds in a boxing band. Year-old man 60, IMAGINE WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU.

The two key components of this program are healthy diet (bible-based diet) and regular fun EXERCISE – specifically, non-contact boxing! Why Aren’t’ You Following an Age-Defying Diet? This new program points people towards health by utilizing health-restoring nutrition and boxing fitness to obtain in the best shape of your life and feel ‘Young Again’ at any age. After all, you are what you take in, no exercise will go unrewarded!

By combining these three components jointly, I unknowingly developed a highly effective exercise, diet, and dietary program that get results each and every time. It can and will help you restore health, reverse growing older, and lose weight, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Ironically, many people aren’t even aware that both the Bible and Torah provide help with what God has intended for us to eat.