Danger! Deadly New Computer Viruses Want To Kill Your PC

A trojan tears up your hard drive and brings down your network faster than the Ebola trojan can bring down a guy. Don’t believe you’re in danger of becoming a pathogen victim? Reconsider. A recent survey by the National Computer Security Association demonstrated that practically all mid-size and large organizations in THE UNITED STATES experienced at least one trojan. And with the introduction of insidious macro infections and the burgeoning use of the Internet to send and receive software, the chances keep increasing against you.

Don’t panic. While nothing can protect you 100%, a good pathogen scanning device detects and eradicates almost all known viruses before they can do any harm to your personal computer. But although some developers love to flaunt just how many viruses their scanners can identify, the real issue is how easy the software is to use. This article looks at four leading scanners for Windows 95 to see which one was not only the most effective, however the easiest to set up and operate also.

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  • Use your antivirus program to scan utorent.exe if you’re paranoid. (I am.)
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