Java Software Engineer At IMC Trading 1

Java Software Engineer At IMC Trading

Trading nowadays happens in an extremely competitive technological landscaping; the best trading idea only doesn’t cut it any more. Instead, only the best trading ideas that are enabled via a powerful, scalable, and fast technology earn. Do you enjoy the procedure of problem solving, an activity where you acknowledge areas of improvement and iterate and innovate to boost? Does your curiosity and desire to learn to drive you? We trade in the best markets across the globe.

Our software makes an incredible number of trading decisions daily. We win by causing better and faster decisions than our competition. Like a software developer you’ll be working alongside investors to implement strategies that will challenge one to be creative with your execution. You’ll need to timely produce high quality solutions conference requirements and managing overall intricacy of our systems.

You’ll be employed in an extremely motivated team, managing end-to-end product development. We work in an environment where minor oversights can be expensive extremely, while new features can be profitable extremely. Being a united team, we aim to balance the competition to creation with software quality and stability. Java. A build is experienced by us chain which has been designed around the concept of daily creation releases. A number of systems and technologies keeps life interesting. Upon joining you’ll be expected to manage your own tasks and time.

We rely on our designers to drive change by taking feedback from traders, and shaping that into an execution. Your ownership of the duty continues until an operating production release. Our most successful designers easily work in any part of our stack. • Focus on clear, readable, and extensible code.

• You build it, you ship it, it is run by you. Support is also the duty of the developer. • Internal training offered on business domain, internal standards and proprietary libraries. WHAT MAKES IT FUN? Perhaps one of the most fun areas of the working job is that people employ a quick opinions loop.

We operate at the bleeding advantage of technology. We really believe in sharing knowledge and technology between the different offices. A lot of our technology stack is shared between all 3 regions, and we offer opportunities to visit between your regions both for personal growth and to assist where it gets the biggest impact.

  • Draft, build, deploy and maintain web UIs
  • Managing purchases
  • Delinquent Inactive Renewal Fee – $300
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To get the best results we encourage everyone to gain an understanding of both trading strategy and exactly how exchanges work on a technological level. Working at IMC is also an opportunity to learn about financial markets. We realize from experience that many of people enjoy learning about a field beyond their immediate area of expertise, it’s one of the things that makes this job more interesting than others.

We employ a broad range of people with varying backgrounds. What they have in common is their superior specialized expertise, their outstanding smarts and their collaborative approach. We will not accept less. We are in the core of a trading firm, however we value trading and technology equally and we believe that cooperation between traders and technologists is one of our great strengths. This is also reflected in our organizational and remuneration policies. We have confidence in fostering a flat environment in which great ideas can be recognized as well as apply from anybody in your organization.