Increased Digitization In African Countries 1

Increased Digitization In African Countries

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Africa Data Center Market – Investment Analysis and Growth Opportunity 2019-2024” report has been added to’s offering. MainOne (MDXi), Cloud Exchange Datacenter, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Medallion Communications are the prominent investors in the Africa data middle market. Digitization is considered an important avenue for the African overall economy.

It is transforming African economies through retail payments systems, financial inclusion, sustainable business models, and revenue administration. Governments in your community are taking several initiatives to displace legacy systems and migrate to cloud-based services as part of smart city initiatives. IaaS is expected to develop at a CAGR of 40%, followed by SaaS at 30% with companies increasingly shifting to the general public cloud platform. There has been a surge in colocation data middle investment in markets such as Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, and Senegal in the past two years. Governments are taking initiatives to boost the share of renewable energy in the electricity era.

Increased digitization in African countries, the adoption of cloud-based services, migration from server rooms to managed, colocation, and hybrid infrastructure services are driving the investment in the Africa data center market. The statement provides an in-depth market and segmental analysis of the Africa data middle market by electric infrastructure, mechanical infrastructure, tier criteria, general structure, and countries. Telecommunication and corporations are the major investment contributors in the Africa data middle market. The Africa market is witnessing the entry of hyperscale providers such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Service (AWS).

VRLA UPS systems will continue steadily to dominate the market before price of lithium-ion declines and increases widespread acceptance on the market. The adoption of basic rack PDUs is saturated in African data centers. However, the building of new data centers is likely to be equipped with intelligent PDUs such as metered, supervised, or turned PDUs, which are likely to dominate the marketplace. The marketplace is dominated by greenfield development; it will also witness an increase in modular data middle structure.

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