Customize Your Windows Desktop 1

Customize Your Windows Desktop

Ever wished your windows to look as minimalist as a mac? Then you may want to start by including a dock. Thankfully Rocketdock can do it for you! It is an animated, alpha blended application launcher, providing a cleaner and totally customizeable interface. For a deeper view of its features you could wish to look right here.

1. First obtain Rocketdock right here. 2. Find the file in your downloads folder and install it (working as administrator may be required). Take notice that the installer might lure you into installing apps you don’t want be very fastidiously and skim installation carefully. 3. Press dock settings and go to General Tab, make sure that the language is set to Engllish and the Run at Startup examine field is stuffed.

You may want to vary other common settings to your liking and you might look into it later for now lets go to the subsequent step. 4. Next go to the Icons tab. Set the opacity you like larger opacity makes the dock clearer and lower makes it extra see via. Next you must change the icon sizes this will set the scale of the dock, larger worth will result in a much bigger dock while decrease makes the dock smaller.

You may also need to vary zoom values which takes place everytime you hover your mouse on the dock. 5. Next go to the position tab, set the dock on whichever aspect you want. Also change the layering into whatever place you like. If you happen to choose your dock to stay on the desktop then select all the time on bottom and should you would like to see the dock at all times floating round no matter exercise you might be doing along with your laptop then select all the time on high. 6. Next choose the style tab.

Here you will determine on how your dock will look there are many themes to take a look at with luminous being my favorite. There are additionally a number of themes online crafted by the group press the Get More button to see them. 1. First, right-click on in your desktop and create a shortcut.

2. A window will pop-up saying “What item would you like to create a shortcut for?”. 3. Input the corresponding command. 4. A brand new bubble will then pop-up asking “What would you want to call the shortcut?” Simply put the corresponding command to what ever you are doing. 5. Download your most popular icons (.ico) for each shortcut and put them on a folder.

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  • Pligg – A digg clone script, full with extra modules and themes
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You may download icons right here. 6. Drag the shortcuts to the dock. 7. Right click the shortcut and select Icon Settings. 5 and press Ok button. 9. A collection of icons will appear on the upper proper space of the bubble. Select the icon of your desire and press Ok.

10. See your dock and don’t forget to try each button if its working. Take word that steps 5-9 can be used to vary different icons in your dock. This application is one of my favorites, Rainmeter boasts on loading totally customizable skins whereby each skin could have its operate. Skin capabilities ranges from word recorder to a music player and even to a CPU process and temperature monitor.