7 Ways To Make Your Dog A SOCIAL NETWORKING Superstar 1

7 Ways To Make Your Dog A SOCIAL NETWORKING Superstar

Boo: One name says everything, especially for the more than 6 million enthusiasts who follow the pompadoured Pomeranian superstar of cuteness on Facebook. That could be your dog, too, right? With more than 1 billion people on Facebook and 78 million dogs calling the United States home nearly, there are indeed masses of parades and mutts of pedigrees gracing cultural press web pages. If a dog is had by you and a social media account, why not make a social media following to rival the likes of, well, Boo? Are some tips to make it happen Here.

People start dog weblogs for a number of reasons, including offering their pooch a tone of voice, showcasing her latest travel adventures, or even to discuss pet-friendly restaurants even. With pet bloggers representing a large part of cyberspace, you’ll be only if you start a blog barely. First consider why you want to blog, whether it shall be written in canine or human voice and how enough time you want to commit.

Disney even has a show specialized in the concept, Dog Using a Blog – pet blogging has indeed turned into a drive to be reckoned with. BlogPaws, a social media company founded in ’09 2009, brings the online pet community as well as yearly conferences that are pet friendly – dogs are even welcome in the classrooms. We’re a visual and connected society socially, and dogs are very sociable beings.

Dog moms and dads fill their smartphones with photos of their canine family. Pinterest encourages, fosters, and helps increase your furry obsession into something connected to other dog enthusiasts. Pinning is a form of micro-blogging, like Facebook and Twitter, but with no heavy verbal commitment. If getting your dog acknowledged is your goal, give Pinterest a go.

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And check out Instagram for more photo-capture fabulousness. Yes, your dog can have a Facebook page, but there’s a catch. Because of more than 83 million fake Facebook accounts, Mark Zuckerberg & Co. are cleaning house, including webpages occupied by dogs. Accounts which will be removed include personal webpages set up incorrectly. Make sure to use the Facebook “Pages” option to create a canine accounts.

Facebook, like a lot of the social media panorama, is the very image centered. If you like taking pictures and want to give your pet a voice, Facebook has a location for your pooch. Friend fellow tail-waggers, and remember that Facebook is very much like your dog park: Follow the guidelines, have fun, respect others, and become sociable not intrusive yet.