Elegance And Beauty 1

Elegance And Beauty

I wanted to begin this post by saying THANK-YOU so much for all your wonderful, uplifting, and motivating responses and compliments I’ve been receiving with this blog. I don’t will have the chance to write back again, but I definitely wished to enable you to all understand how much I appreciate it! Hearing feedback from you inspires me to keep creating looks and making new color discoveries!

To all my visitors and enthusiasts – You ROCK! Today’s post is about a lipstick that I simply rediscovered on a trip to Ottawa. For this look, I started with applying Espresso shadow from the lid into the crease. I then applied smolder eyeliner (with a very light hands) – I smudged sketch into the higher gasoline and completed with dark mascara. For the blush, I applied Gentle mineralize blush, and undoubtedly, Faux Lipstick – all products by MAC for this look! I love the softer, cooler shades because of this look with a deeper, natural well-developed eye!

  • It starts with rehearsals – good ones
  • 1 cup of brown sugars (200 g)
  • Eliminate black places or spots on the face
  • Dove and Cartoon Network

and carved into the sandstone rock of the mountains at an altitude of 2,500m (8,200 foot) were two colossal Buddha statues. Information on the faces and hands and the robes were molded in mud blended with straw and wood and then dried out and hardened and painted, and it’s believed they were originally embellished with jewels and gold.

The shorter statue stood 35 m high and the taller one was 53 m (165 feet) high. Both were built during the 6th century AD, plus they were the tallest standing Buddha carvings in the world. In the 7th century AD Islamic influences began to dominate in the region, and at various times since that time the anachronism of Buddhist statues in female country have meant that the statues have come under occasional threat.

Twice in the 17th and 18th hundreds of years attempts were made to demolish or at least deface the statues with cannon fireplace. Then in the past due 19th century an Afghan king did a much better job of destroying the face of the bigger statue. Still however the statues stood as relics of the bygone age.

Until these were damaged in March 2001 by the Taliban program under Mullah Omar. They were regarded as false idols. If anyone considers that callous disregard of civilizations dissimilar to their own is something unique to fundamentalist Muslims, that wasn’t the situation in past hundreds of years and it was not the situation in living storage. Again, however, we can only look at a little fraction of examples of this ethnic vandalism.