Devin's Attorney Sends Me A "Cease & Desist" Order To Hush Hush 1

Devin’s Attorney Sends Me A “Cease & Desist” Order To Hush Hush

Second interesting thing is, I received a contact today from Devin Bender’s attorney attached is a notice, Cease & Desist order for me to prevent what I am doing and that they are preparing to document a lawsuit against me. For me, instead of Devin Benter spending more income on lawyer fees to come after me, he should be coming back the money to the poor folks who LOST their house plus some are remaining stranded out on the street. Of acknowledging & taking responsibility for his activities Instead, he continues to operate illegally by charging consumers LARGE upfront fees for home loan relief-related services, which by the way is a violation to the Federal Trade Commission’s M.A.R.S rules here.

Doing good things is full of many challenges. Standing up for people can expose one to legal action. Laws are in place to keep society together and functioning. Laws strive to maintain peace and safety among people and offer ways to solve conditions that do arise among individuals. Laws exist to safeguard people from one another, and from themselves as well as to protect the government from harm, to promote certain values and to provide services and goods. So when someone is trying to indicate a person/business that is breaking the law, don’t expect the law to stop seeing your face from presenting FACTs when the simple fact is laws has been broken.

It’s such as a drug dealer, calling the police to complain, his neighbor is interrupting his drug deal, not going to occur. Now let’s go ahead and review this “Cease & Desist” notice and let’s see what grounds they have against me. I’ve the response to that as well. Back December 16th Below can be an email dated, 2015 from Devin Center and David Clarke to his attorney Tim O’reilly discussing the Texas Complaints prior to getting the “Cease & Desist Order” by the State of Texas here. Tim O’reilly provided help for both of us to be able to answer & react to the Texas complaint. The email can be read by you below.

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The member has or got a legal, business, financial, or professional fascination with the subject matter of the representation. Second part of the “Cease & Desist” order “Unlawful Access to a Computer and Phone Systems” Ahead of my relationship with Devin Center, I already created CORE Advisory Group brand and Devin was under Colleagues in Law. Following the merger to become under one company “CORE Advisory Group” the phone system from Fonality server id 27936 was purchased and contracted “SOLELY” by me. On March 31st, 2016, I delivered a mass email to all or any CORE Advisory Group staff/employees to suspend operations. Devin Center and David Clarke counters the email to everyone within the hour to disregard.

Note: Devin Center and David Clarke’s name is not listed as an Officer or Member of CORE Advisory Group, LLC a UTAH Limited Liability Company. Instead of honoring my demand, and sitting down with me, to dissolve the LLC and through proper channels, discuss dissolution and transfer of possession he decided to form another LLC in UTAH under the name CORE Advisory Group Svcs, LLC.

UTAH business search here. Who certified the transfer of possession? No one do however predicated on what Fonality Billing Department had up to date me that Devin Benter, acquired changed gain access to and billing information to his DEEVO, LLC debit cards, oops do I described DEEVO just, LLC? So Fonality stated, these are more worried about the individual making the payment? Fonality after termination, who’s the responsible party that they can go after?

The business credit card on file? What goes on if the business card on file disappears and there is no way to collect? 3rd Item “Public Disclosure of PERSONAL INFORMATION” If the personal information the complaint is discussing of Facebook images, that is a public resource posted online. So will require more clarity to be able to handle this. 4th Item “Annoying and Harassing Communications”, I would get annoyed too if someone is calling me out about my unlawful activities. 5th Item “Slander of Business Name and Reputation” If the complaint is discussing DEEVO LLC please direct me with this blog as to how DEEVO LLC is being slandered? 6th Item “Misappropration of Trade Secrets/Documents/Customer Lists” Exposing how a criminal offense or unlawful activities has been committed is called Morality & Ethics. All proof has been shown to the regulators.

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