How Much MAY I Afford TO INVEST In Retirement? 1

How Much MAY I Afford TO INVEST In Retirement?

Readers of this blog will note that I devote a fair amount of energy ranting against the 4% Withdrawal Rule (and other “Safe” withdrawal rates) as pension accumulation strategies. Furthermore, I’m generally not all that impressed with suggested modifications to the 4% Rule designed to somehow make it more workable.

As a result, any earnings from selling the home are no more considered a capital gain but instead as business income and wouldn’t normally be entitled to the principal residence exemption. The recent changes to how the sold property is reported to the Canada Revenue Agency is not the first time the principal home exemption has been significantly changed. Anyone who was a non-resident of Canada in the entire year a property is bought, won’t be able to automatically put in a year to the number of years the house is known as a principal home.

The venture capitalists in Palo Alto don’t want to look far to go to their start-ups in the first phase, why as long as they? Therefore the startups are on the peninsula. Once those startups become successful and enter high development phase, they don’t really want to move, why should they? Once their high growth phase is over plus they have to start viewing the pennies, they expand elsewhere or get bought up like Sun Micro, or the fire out and walk out business like more companies than I could count.

Then yet more startup cos. I greatly respect Congressman Ro Khanna for going to the previous coal country of Kentucky and meeting with their elected representatives to attempt to help them with the magic that has made the SF Bay Area so dynamic. This is not a zero-sum game, people. If Kentucky (which is a beautiful state, by the way) and the other areas that helped build this country may become centers of development, it doesn’t mean Silicon Valley and SF will minimize innovating.

  • Investing takes time
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  • Your initial income is normally from Salary or Business
  • P50,000 primary invested in stocks x 10% gain = P5,000 income
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  • A chance to judge past activities. (Thought process behind purchase, if not speculative)
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The more minds attempting to solve the issues humanity encounters, the better off we all are. Ms. Cutler also elevated the problem in the transportation section of self-driving vehicles (100% electric, powered from home solar power panels, please). No one knows for sure when or how that will work away, but if past experience and educational research are any guide, it’ll decrease the recognized cost of commuting as people can make successful use of their commute time. People will commute further because time in the motor car is not wasted – they can teleconference in or focus on their laptop, or eat breakfast time.

Decreasing the cost of transport has always resulted in more people fleeing the dense city for the more affordable (because less dense) suburbs. Silicon Valley will then have a lot of cheap housing and everyone will look at the terrible apartments jammed next to each other with zero set-backs and ludicrously insufficient parking and wonder what we should be thinking.