Where Is FatBoy ? 1

Where Is FatBoy ?

Well, finally after 14 days of a visit to Europe, its time to go and we want to forward to go back home. It had been a wonderful 2 weeks holiday and we enjoyed our amount of time in Switzerland and Paris quite definitely. Due to my One-world card, I was presented with a choice to visit I-Care Lounge or Air France lounge, therefore I settled for the former. Needlessly, to say the lounge is small but its quiet here as there aren’t way too many people here.

Choice of food here is limited too, with some snacks and pastry only. The flight home on MAS is on the newest A380, and we were sitting on row 16 C and A on the upper deck. This A380 is a very comfortable plane to fly with for long-haul destination. It was a full flight on business class. MAS personal beef and poultry satay served as an appetizer on business class.

Lobster salad with pomegranate and rocket pesto. Well, lobster is one dish I hardly seen it served on MAS airline flight, so its a good shock even though this is a frosty dish. We both enjoyed that one. Well, after not having any grain for 2 weeks, I made a decision to have the Chicken Briyani and it finished up to be always a bad choice. It doesn’t appear to be chicken breast briyani nor taste like one!

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Unfortunately Ayi’s choice of Pan deep-fried salmon is neither good too. The only savior to this devastating food is the dessert of Crunchy Coffee Pastry, which is good quite. Midway through the flight, I was feeling peckish so I went to the galley to pick up some snacks from the bar.

Two hours before arrival, breakfast was offered. Bread, muesli, and fruits. And had the Cheese Omelet with chicken sausage that was not bad at all. I needed to have nasi lemak for breakfast time but following the disastrous lunch of rooster briyani I had formed for lunch previous I chose the Mixed grill, which is off the mark too unfortunately.

It was a pleasant airline flight on MAS as normal, the lie smooth bed was comfortable, and the in flight service was good, however the only black tag was the meals served. Normally the food is pretty good, or at least edible on MAS business class, but unfortunately not this time. Either we made a negative selection from the menu or simply the catering kitchen from Paris is not up to par when coming to Asian dishes.

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