YOU WILL FIND Countless Different Political Perspectives 1

YOU WILL FIND Countless Different Political Perspectives

I often see comments on the Another Angry Voice Facebook page saying things such as “I’m not necessarily political” or “I have no idea much about politics”. In this article I’ll write a bit about what politics is and isn’t about, political misinformation, the role of bloviating self-appointed politics experts and most importantly, why you might well be more politics than you think.

This article is especially targeted at people who don’t think of themselves as being very political, but if you already think of yourself as a political person, you might nonetheless find this article interesting, so don’t feel defer. Politics is a perspective, a way of considering things, a prism through which we view the world. You can find countless different political perspectives, mine is left-libertarian because I believe in social justice and freedom, other people have a range of completely different political perspectives.

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We all have a political perspective, it’s just that some people have significantly more well-described perspectives than others. Each and every time we think about the political consequences of anything ever, we’re engaging in politics. In the event that you visit a shop to buy something of clothing but end up wanting to know whether it was created by a kid in a sweatshop because it is so cheap, you’re making use of your political perspective.

Every time you fill up your vehicle with petrol you’re engaging with politics (think of the wars in the middle east fought over usage of oil). Every right time, you decide whether or not to recycle something, you’re making a politics decision (albeit one that few people are ever likely to notice).

In fact, much each time you experience anything at all pretty, it’s possible to consider the politics ramifications. The political establishment would like us to think that politics is not a perspective, but that it’s a concrete thing, of which they are the main manifestation. It suits their passions, that we think this way and think that voting in elections is the main way where we engage in politics. Because if we think about politics like this then it becomes very easy to accept the tribalistic politics allegiances that come with the party-political system.

Politics isn’t something that is performed by politicians, it is something that is done by all of us. The problem is that more and more people have grown to be so hopelessly disengaged from Westminster politics that they mistake their rejection of the problem riddled and apathy inducing political systems we suffer with a rejection of politics in general.